Yeah, That Trump Painting Guy

A lot of us have seen his work. He is a conservative painter mostly known for his depictions of Trump or Obama. His name is Jon McNaughton, and here are a some interesting facts about him:

  • As an artist, the medium he seems to favor is acrylic on board.
  • He is from Utah, and his art degree is from Brigham Young University.
  • In addition to the political work he is known for, he also a large body of overtly religious work.
  • He is not yet “mainstream” but seems to be enjoying some commercial success, despite being attacked by leftist media, bloggers, and social media.
  • He is a prolific painter, and some of his more popular prints sell into the thousands of copies each.
  • The talk show host and commentator Sean Hannity purchased one of his originals for a six-figure sum.
National Emergency

The entire right half of the political spectrum is a large place. Not everyone in that half is going to immediately like this guy or his work just because he is conservative.

For his political works, some may feel his criticism of the left is too tame. Some in the center-right, may feel he is very provocative. I, for one, am grateful for every voice speaking out against globalism, and can appreciate a wide range of styles and tones.

In the piece above, for example, National Emergency, I love that the Dems are holding so many foreign interest flags while trampling the US flag. At the same time, the doll at Trump’s foot gives a subtle nod to the tragic exploitation of children that comes with open borders. Lastly, do any of you remember the Richard Scarry children’s books? In those, there was a fun bonus where you could find goldbug in the drawings. Similar to goldbug, Ilhan Omar is poking her angry little visage over Chuck Schumer’s right shoulder. It was a fun discovery!

Jon McNaughton

Just as some conservatives will be split over his political work, the same is true for his religious work. Some denominations of Christians or Catholics may feel uncomfortable that their preferred symbols are not represented enough in his work, or maybe they’re worried there is some “Mormon Code” hidden in it 🙂 . We must also consider that there are a lot of conservatives that appreciate that the Founding Fathers were Christian but are not religious themselves, or are of an entirely different spiritual background.

Regardless, we are all on the same team and I hope that conservatives at large can at least be familiar with Jon, and appreciate him as a person, even if they don’t agree with everything about him. The left has attacked him for many years. He has made principled stands that have cost him money (here is a brief example). Jon McNaughton is a talented artist, and more important, a patriot.

Visit his site:

This profile was not paid. This is part of a series of posts I am doing to cover conservatives in the Arts.

The left neither has a monopoly on fine arts, commercial arts, or anything in between, nor are they the arbiters of what art is, or if it is “good”.

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