Patriots, Be Like Michele

On December 18th, the partisan House of Representatives impeachment of Donald Trump became official. The Democrats insisted over and over that Trump was not “above the law” yet couldn’t articulate which law he had broken.

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Next, Nancy Pelosi put on a black costume to appear “somber”. Finally, the liberal mainstream media took some victory laps.

But this post is not about the fake impeachment. It’s about Michele Tittler, a Canadian patriot and our good neighbor to the north, who did a cool thing which is worth pointing out. She thought that perhaps Trump voters or those Americans right-of-center might have been demoralized by the impeachment stunt, so that night after the vote, she tweeted a video of herself dancing to Dink’s “Green Mind”.

Some of you may remember that the QAnon team mentioned this song as a favorite of “special operators” to get pumped for a mission.

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Since then, this song has a connotation as a patriotic anthem for fighting back, plus it’s just energetic, purposeful, and dammit, Michele’s got the moves.

I love the idea that this woman would take time to make and post this video for encouragement and motivation. It is a great example of our best instincts: that members of a movement lift each other up.

As we go into this crazy new year, with all of the revelations and strife and resistance that we will face, let’s remember to lift each other up.

Thanks, Michele 🙂


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